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Understanding California’s Revocable Transfer on Death Deed

California Revocable Transfer on Death Deed – How it Works 1. Makes a donative transfer of real property to a named beneficiary 2.  Operates on the transferor’s death 3.  Remains revocable until the transferor’s death 4.  Avoids Probate on Subject Real Property Residence California Revocable Transfer on Death Deed – Limits on Types of Properties …

Inherited IRAs No Longer Protected From Creditors

In a major decision, the Supreme Court ruled in June of 2014 that inherited IRAs are not considered protected retirement funds—and are thus subject to creditors’ claims if the beneficiary files for bankruptcy. In the case of Clark v. Rameker, Heidi Heffron-Clark argued that a $300,000 IRA she inherited from her mother in 2001 qualified …

IRS Examples of FLIP-CRUT Triggering Events that Work

Oakland, CA – 800-775-7612 – Clearly, the whole FLIP-CRUT concept depends upon the Treasury Department’s meaning of a Triggering Event – at which time the Net Income CRT transforms to the Requirement CRT, with its yearly payment requirement. So let’s analyze this Triggering Event concept by checking out some essentials: 1. The Triggering Event must …