Client Testimonials

I would recommend Leon Ainer for any of your estate planning needs.  He assisted me with completing an LLC.  In doing so, he provide me with the expertise needed to complete the LLC and was able to answer questions while providing a personal touch. I would recommend Ainer & Fraker to anyone needed the services they provide.
Antoine L
for Leon Ainer and Ainer & Fraker
I would recommend Leon Ainer for any of your estate planning needs and services. Not only is he a hard worker, but a true professional! I've been a client since 2004. He has helped my parents, co-workers and many friends with all of their estate planning needs. All will tell you that they are highly impress with his professionalism and work ethic!
Erick R.
for Leon Ainer and Ainer & Fraker
John Fraker is one of the brightest estate planning attorneys I have ever worked with.  He keeps himself extremely current on the laws that affect estate planning and he has a very practical and personalized approach to developing an estate plan.  I have referred a number of friends and clients to John, and they have all been very satisfied with the legal services and the focused attention he provided.
Fenn H.
for John Fraker and Ainer & Fraker
Ainer & Fraker has helped my family regarding estate planning matters since 2007.  Leon Ainer provided expert  and thorough advice to my wife and I for estate planning.  He also helped my father's very complicated estate matters by cleaning up the mistakes made by my Dads former estate planning firm.  Leon Ainer never made me feel like a number.  Leon allowed us to take our time in making key decisions and sincerely cared about getting it right.  My wife and I felt a great sense of relief at the end of the process.  We have recommended Leon enthusiastically to friends and colleagues because of his consistency and honesty.  I especially was touched on how he handled my Dad's delicate and complicated situation.  Our family is grateful for the job Ainer & Fraker has done.
Greg W.
for Leon Ainer and Ainer & Fraker
My parents were first to set up their family trust with John and his team. Both parents have passed-away recently and we are grateful for what John has helped put in place on behalf of our family. John's wisdom, experience and legal expertise has all played-out to benefit and protect our family — and the legacy of our parents.
Kelly C.
for John Fraker and Ainer & Fraker
John Fraker is a fantastic estate lawyer who really know what he is doing. Don't go get one of those packaged estate plans.  Sit down with John and he will write the estate plan that is best for you.  John spent hours with us going over our estate plan at no extra charge.  We had a ton of questions and needed a complicated plan, but John was up to the task.  I highly recommend John Fraker!!
Larry N.
John Fraker has become one of my favorites in referring clients for estate planning. His wealth of knowledge and creativity is refreshing and all my clients send praises after meeting and working with him. John is my "go to guy" for estate planning!
Rob M.
for John Fraker and Ainer & Fraker
Leon and his staff are great.  My husband passed away in 2008 and I found myself with 2 minor children and in need for an estate plan / trust.  The team was friendly and understanding as well as very accommodating with schedules.  They understood the complexity and differences of my needs.  They provided a great sounding board for my concerns.  Now that its been 5+ years, I'm definitely going back as needs change and revisions are needed.
Tracy B.
for Leon Ainer and Ainer & Fraker