10 Ways to Lawsuit-Proof Your Estate

FORBES Magazine online blog, The Best Revenge – by Ashlea Ebeling, has an excellent article called 10 Ways to Lawsuit Proof Your Estate that covers a lot of the advice that we at Ainer & Fraker, LLP give to our clients.

Please read the entire article by clicking on the following link: 10 Ways to Lawsuit-Proof Your Estate.

We found this article to be full of good ideas, so we are going to dedicate a separate blog post for each of the 10 Ways to Lawsuit-Proof Your Estate, which we will follow up with our own commentary.

In brief, here are the 10 Ways to Lawsuit-Proof Your Estate:

  1. Treat siblings equally
  2. Decide who gets which treasure
  3. Keep track of loans and advances
  4. Transfer a business with a contract
  5. Check ownership of what you leave
  6. Get your own lawyer
  7. Consider a corporate executor
  8. Establish you’re of sound mind
  9. Include a “no contest” clause 
  10. Spell out any disinheritance

Click on any of the links above to take you to the blog post that discusses it.